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Avengers Laughs, Giggles, and Manly Chuckles Set #10

I fucking love the Marvel fandom

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look i’m sometimes a good person, i think i deserve the age of ultron footage

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The Avengers

Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Day Three - Avengers: Age of Ultron cast

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The Avengers

Thor & Captain America: The Avengers - Age of Ultron

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The Avengers


Tony Stark and Reed Richards use their genius to save the world every other week. That’s how they’ll be remembered in history. Meanwhile, I – I who, forgive me, have just as much to contribute – will be lucky if my tombstone doesn’t simply say “Hulk Smash.”

1eepace asked: Bruce Banner or Tony Stark?

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The Avengers


Fic where all of the Avengers are trying to teach tech stuff to Steve (especially Tony who just gets so annoyed at his apparent tech incompetence) but he just seems super hopeless at it until one day one of them stumbles across a youtube account that’s filled with a series of videos titled ‘How Long Can I Keep My Friends Convinced I Have No Idea What Technology Is’ and it turns out he’s been gaming them for YT hits for months.

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The Avengers


snapchats from agent maria hill

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